Personal Preparedness

Actions to Take

Personal preparedness includes being ready for emergencies at home, in your car or anywhere else you may spend time. What you do now can help you and your family better respond to and recover from disaster, as well as contribute to the overall readiness of our region.

Staying Prepared

These three steps will help you start down the path of being better prepared: Make a Plan: 

  • Does your family know what to do, how to communicate and where to go in the case of an emergency? Having a emergency plan is the first key step in being prepared.

Build a Kit:

  • What basic supplies would you need to survive until more help comes following an emergency? A three-day emergency supply kit is a basic tool for providing peace of mind, comfort and survival needs in the face of disaster.

Get Involved:

  • We will all rely on each other during disasters. Take a CPR class, get to know your neighbors and how you can all work better together before and after a disaster.