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Online resources for up-to-date information about City of Eugene transportation system road construction. Read below for the weekly roadwork report (available April-November).

Current City of Eugene Roadwork Advisories

Updated August 5, 2022

Major road construction is scheduled for the week of August  8, weather permitting. Use caution in work zones and obey traffic control signage and flaggers. Links to additional project information can be found at For real-time traffic impacts, go to or

City of Eugene

Candlelight Dr, Welcome Wy, Stagecoach Rd, Surrey Ln, Laurelhurst Dr Paving - Work is beginning on Candlelight Dr between Royal Ave and Avalon St. Crews will be onsite saw cutting, excavating and reconstructing sidewalk access corners along Candlelight Dr as well as performing storm sewer repairs and adjustments. Expect localized sidewalk closures and detours. Lane closures and speed reductions may be in place along Royal Ave at Candlelight Dr to allow for an adequate work zone to reconstruct sidewalk ramps at this intersection. Use of alternate routes is encouraged when possible.

Coburg Road (Ferry Street Bridge to Willamette River Bridge) – MPCO placement will be occurring on the Ferry Street Bridge at night throughout the week. Lane shifts and closures should be expected but two-way traffic will be maintained throughout construction.

Downtown Wayfinding Signs - The City will be installing wayfinding signs throughout the downtown corridor. Construction crews will be minimal, and their work will be behind the curb. Little to no traffic disruption is anticipated. Please be mindful of construction crews and give them safe distance to work as you pass by.


Grand Cayman Dr (north of Barbados Dr) - Ongoing construction of Striker Field Park adjacent to Grand Cayman Dr will have limited impact on local traffic until the fall of 2022. Please watch for the movement of workers, construction equipment and trucks.      


Inlet Bottom Construction and Repairs - This project will clean and construct new catch basin/inlet bottoms in 212 structures throughout Eugene. Work will be occurring at multiple locations. This work will protect ground water quality and improve maintenance efficiency. Pedestrians should expect detours to be signed where sidewalks are disrupted. Use alternate routes when possible. Project is weather dependent and is expected to be completed no later than August 15th, 2022.

Peter DeFazio Bridge – Bridge will be closed for two weeks starting on 8/8. Pedestrians and cyclists are encouraged to use the Ferry Street Bridge as a detour, and signs will indicate the route.

Silver Ln west of River Rd - Work is ongoing at North Eugene High School on the south side of Silver Ln through the summer to April 2023. Work includes pavement repair, walk, curb and gutter replacement. Potential flagging as required.  


Springfield Utility Board - Water Division 


E St from 58th St to 60th St SUB Water Division will be installing water transmission and distribution lines on E St from 58th St to 60th St. Work will take place between 7:00am-5:00pm. E St will be closed to through traffic for the majority of the project between 58th St-60th St. 

S 72nd St from Main St to Daisy St – SUB Water Division is doing waterline construction. Work will take place between 7:00am – 5:00pm. Traffic will be controlled by flaggers, expect delays.

Lane County 


West Eugene/Alvadore/Coburg/Marcola/Florence & Westlake

Chipseal surface treatments will continue on Wolf Cr Rd and in Alvadore & West Eugene during the week of August 5th and then fogseal finish-work will be performed for all completed chipseal roads. The work will be performed Monday through Thursday depending on weather and materials availability. Traffic will be controlled by flaggers. Expect delays and seek alternate routes whenever possible.

8th Street & Y Intersection 0.00 - 0.59 (Alvadore Rd to End County Maintenance)

6th Street 0.06 - 0.27 (Beginning to End County Maintenance) 

6th Street 0.36 - 0.45 (Beginning to End County Maintenance) 

B Street 0.00 - 0.14 (06th St to 08th St)

Cantrell Road 0.00 -1.06 (Oak Hill Rd to End of Pavement)

Crow Road 0.00 - 0.66 (W. 11th to Green Hill Rd)

Green Hill Road 0.00 - 1.36 (Willow Creek Rd to Crow Rd)

Oak Hill Drive 0.00 - 0.85 (Green Hill Rd to Cantrell)

Oak Hill Drive 1.22 - 1.25 (Crow Rd to End of Pavement)

Railroad Street 0.00 - 0.14 (Entire Road)

Starlite Lane 0.00 - 0.48 (Entire Road)

Willow Creek Road 1.55 - 2.90 (Louvring Ln to Green Hill Rd)

Condon Creek Rd MP 0.00 – 0.91 (NF Siuslaw Rd to End County Maintenance)
Lower Fiddle Creek Rd MP 0.00 – 1.15 (S. Canary Rd to Douglas County Line)
Maple Creek Rd MP 0.00 – 0.68 (S. Canary Rd to End of Pavement)
South Slough Rd MP 0.00 – 1.00 (Entire Road)

Wolf Creek Road MP 0.00 – 7.00 (Territorial Hwy to Wolf Cr Bridge)

Coburg Road MP 7.40 – 12.88 (N. Coburg to Linn County)
Coburg Bottom Loop & Y Intersections 
MP 0.00 – 2.90 (Entire Road)
Funke Road 
MP 0.00 – 0.69 (Coburg Bottom Lp to End County Maintenance)
Lanes Turn Road 
MP 0.00 – 0.33 (Coburg Rd to End County Maintenance)
Powerline Road & Y Intersection 
MP 0.00 – 2.60 (Entire Road to Linn County)
Stallings Lane 
MP 0.00 – 0.82 (Entire Road)
W. Crossroads Lane 
MP 0.00 – 1.04 (Coburg Rd to End County Maintenance)
Howard Road MP 0.00 – 1.48 (Marcola Rd to End County Maintenance)
Johnson Road MP 0.00 – 0.93 (Marcola Rd to End County Maintenance)
Old Marcola Road MP 0.00 – 0.60 (Entire Road)

Mohawk Loop Road MP 0.00 – 0.69 (Entire Road)

Mohawk River Road MP 0.00 – 2.16 (Marcola Rd to End County Maintenance)

Marcola Road MP 11.75 – 20.65 (North of Marcola to Linn County)


Santa Clara / River Road area, July 29th - August 10th 
Lane County is repairing several roads in Santa Clara neighborhoods east of River Rd near River Loop #1 & #2, Hunsaker Ln-Beaver St, Owosso & Copping St, and Thomason Ln. The project is anticipated to run from July 29th through August 10th.  Residents will be notified via door hanger at least 3 days prior to any work being performed. Notifications will include a color-coded map with dates for all affected roads. Specific road lists and maps are currently available on the summer road construction webpage at roads will be receiving a Slurry Seal surface treatment to extend the life of the pavement. No-Parking/No-Driving signs will be posted in periodic locations throughout the neighborhoods. Please plan for delays and make alternate arrangements for commuting and vehicle parking outside of the construction zone. 


Florence - Mercer Lake Road (MP 1.5 to 3.67)

Lane County Road Maintenance Crews will be performing pavement repairs/paving sections of Mercer Lake Rd during the month of August. Due to the narrow width of the road in these areas, traffic delays of up to 20 minutes are to be expected. We anticipate the work taking up to 2 weeks depending on materials, weather, and on-site conditions. Questions or concerns can be directed to Lane County Summer Road Projects Hotline: 541-682-8525 / emails: / website:

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