Helpful Information

Additional Information For Locating Your Business

The following information may be helpful when moving or expanding your business:

Property Research

A record research application can be submitted to determine the permit history on a property. Determining the building type and occupancy of a building provides a starting point for permit requirements.

Codes in effect

Codes are updated on a regular basis; therefore, it is important to have the latest code information.

Using Professional Designers and Licensed Builders

Business owners are welcome to obtain their own permits and BPS staff will assist you in preparing your application materials as much as possible. However, we strongly encourage you to use a professional designer and/or licensed builder. Well-prepared, fully researched applications take less time to review and generally move more smoothly through the process.

If the building you are working on is more than 4,000 square feet in ground floor area or 20 feet interior height measured from the lowest floor to the highest finished ceiling, then plans are required to be prepared by an Oregon-licensed Architect or Engineer. The exception is for interior remodels where no structural work is done and there is no change of occupancy or use.

Oregon law requires anyone who is paid for construction activity involving improvements to property to be licensed with the Oregon Construction Contractors Board (CCB). In some situations, owners of property may be allowed to act as the general contractor. Contact the CCB for more information.

BPS staff cannot recommend designers and builders and suggest that you consult the Yellow Pages and design and construction associations.

Permit process

Our commercial page offers information regarding the permit process and application requirements.


Customers often have questions about fees, and, although we cannot provide exact estimates, we offer resources to aid your planning. See our Commercial/Residential Fee Estimating Guide for a description of fees and tips for calculating your costs.

Business Licenses

The City of Eugene does not issue a general business license. Only certain businesses are required to be licensed in Eugene. See the Business License page for additional information.