Mission and Goals


The Police Commission mission is to recommend to the city council, the city manager, the police department, and the people, the resources, preferred policing alternatives, policies, procedures, and citizens’ responsibilities needed to achieve a safe community. We strive to create a climate of mutual respect and partnership between the community and the police department that helps achieve safety, justice and freedom for all people in Eugene.


  • Ensure that the policies and procedures of the Eugene Police Department protect the civil rights and liberties of everyone in Eugene.
  • Promote policing that respects and reflects Eugene’s rich culture and diversity.
  • Increase communications, understanding and trust between police and the people in Eugene.
  • Encourage problem solving and partnerships between people, neighborhoods, other agencies and police.
  • Provide fair opportunities for the public and criminal justice professionals to comment and participate in the commission’s work, recognizing the interconnectedness of the criminal justice system.

Per ordinance, the Police Commission does not undertake the review of allegations and inquiries related to the actions of individual police officers. Those allegations are directed to either the Police Auditor, or the Police Department’s Office of Internal Affairs. 

The Police Commission is governed by an ordinance adopted by the City Council that created the Commission as well as by bylaws which are reviewed and adopted by the Commission periodically.