Harlow Neighbors Association

Winner of National Neighborhood of the Year!

Harlow Neighbors Association has received the annual national Neighborhood of the Year award given by Neighborhoods USA (NUSA) in May 2013 at the NUSA conference in Minneapolis, MN. The neighborhood was nominated for the work of Feed Hope, which is one of the outcomes from Harlow’s Strategic Neighborhood Assessment and Planning (SNAP) project supported by the City of Eugene’s Neighborhood Services.

Feed Hope, a joint project between the neighborhood association, area churches and Food for Lane County, served the needs of many elementary school children who, although qualified to receive free or subsidized breakfast and lunches during the school year, had limited access to healthy daytime meals during school breaks. With over 300 volunteers, Feed Hope coordinated donations, packaged and distributed 4,500 healthy, nutritious meals to children in the Harlow neighborhood. The project received a first place in its category Social Revitalization Neighborliness category and then was named Neighborhood of the Year, as the top neighborhood across all categories.

Congratulations to Jennifer Yeh, chair of Harlow Neighbors, and Aaron Box, pastor of North Park Community Church and on the Harlow Neighborhood Board, and all the other neighbors and partners who participated! (Jennifer Yeh and Aaron Box were on hand in Minneapolis to accept the award and are featured in the attached photograph, along with a representative of NUSA.)

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The Harlow Neighborhood is in the area bounded by Interstate 5 on the east, the Willamette River on the south, Coburg Road on the west and Beltline on the north.