License Your Pet

All dogs in the City of Eugene with a set of permanent canine teeth or 6 months old, whichever comes first, must have a current rabies vaccination and must be licensed.

If you live in the City of Eugene your dog must be licensed with our program. If you live in an unincorporated area of Eugene, your dog should be licensed with Lane County Animal Services. Not sure? That’s okay, you can use the Do I live in the City link on the left for help.

To license visit or call 1-855-328-1400.

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Why do I have to license my dog?

ORS 609.100 requires a dog be licensed within the justification the dog owner resides.  Dog licenses ensure dogs are current on their rabies vaccination.  Additionally, the licenses are used to reunite lost dogs with their owners, thus potentially avoiding them from having to be taken to the shelter.  In the event a dog is taken to the shelter and is wearing a valid license, fees for the first time are waived.  The dog license fees are used to fund the animal welfare program and operated of the public shelter.

Common licensing questions

For common licensing questions such as where you can purchase a license and how long they are valid for, visit PetData.