Land Use Code

Eugene's Land Use Code

Eugene’s land use code regulates how property may be used or developed and is an expression of our community’s values around economic development, housing affordability and choice, natural resource protection, compact urban development, transportation options, climate change and energy resiliency, neighborhood livability and adaptable implementation. If you have questions about Eugene’s land use code, please contact the planner-on-duty at 541-682-5377 or email.

The purpose of the land use code is to protect and promote the health, safety, and general welfare of the public and to preserve and enhance the economic, social, and environmental qualities of the community. For property within Eugene’s City limits, this code applies:

Urban Transition Area (UTA) Land Use Code

For property with a /UL Urbanizable Land Overlay Zone that is within Eugene’s urban growth boundary (UGB), but outside of the City limits, this version of the code applies:  

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