Parking Rates and Info

Disabled and Wheelchair User Parking

The State of Oregon issues several types of disabled person parking permits with a variety of privileges. Information about these permits is available on the Oregon DMV website.

The permits can either be placed on the dashboard or hung from the rear view mirror. They carry an expiration date. If the permit is not valid on the date shown, or the date is not being displayed, the vehicle may be cited for a permit violation. The City also honors all other states and international disability plates.

In downtown lots and garages managed by the City of Eugene’s Parking Services program, disabled parking permits allow parking in designated disabled parking spaces free of charge. The following restrictions apply to other parking areas:

  • Disabled permits are valid only in spaces signed or metered with a time limit that is more than 30 minutes.
  • Disabled permits is not valid in spaces 30 minutes or less, without paying at the 30 minute meter.

Disabled parking permits are not valid in zones reserved for other types of motor vehicles, activities, or where stopping, standing or parking is prohibited. Each type of permit may have different parking restriction. Regulations that apply to your permit type are available in the Oregon State Motor Vehicle Code.

Wheelchair User Permits and Spaces

In 2008, the Oregon legislature created a new type of disabled parking space and parking permit for people who use wheelchairs or mobility scooters.  The new "Wheelchair User" designation is different than the standard disabled parking space and parking permit.

The new parking spaces contain a sign that states “Wheelchair User Only”.  In order to park in one of these spaces, you will be required to have the specified “Wheelchair User” DMV issued disabled parking permit.