ZoomText AppReader

ZoomText AppReader Instructions

The ZoomText AppReader is available on the Library’s adaptive technology computers. It magnifies the onscreen view and can read onscreen text aloud.

To start the AppReader in ZoomText:

  1.  Open the document or email you wish to read.
  2.  Open ZoomText.
  3.  To start the AppReader application either:
    • Click "Actions" (next to "File") then click "Start AppReader." (It will be grayed out if there is no text to read. Go back to document or email and click on the text.)
    • Or, press ALT+SHIFT+A
  4.  To stop (or restart) the AppReader, click the mouse or press ENTER.
  5.  To exit the AppReader press ESC (escape) or hold ALT+SHIFT+S.