Responsible Events: A Framework for Achievement

Urban Sustainability Directors Network

A Roadmap for Responsible Events

Large-scale events represent a massive influx of people, resources and attention to local communities. In a perfect world, these events would leave host cities and impacted communities better off than they found them but, to date, few events have.

While the “triple bottom line” receives a lot of attention—and rightfully so—there are no concrete, realistic frameworks that exist to guide all event stakeholders and organizers toward aligning event outcomes with
environmental, social and economic goals---until now.

A Practical Resource Guide

Thanks to a grant from the Global Philanthropy Partnership and the Urban Sustainability Directors Network and in partnership with the Council for Responsible Sport, the City of Eugene has crafted a Responsible Event Framework to help event stakeholders understand, adopt and achieve triple bottom line objectives.

Providing real-world best-practices and up-to-date resources, the Framework lays out practical recommendations and concrete responsible event examples from cities, businesses and organizations involved with the project, representing events in Boulder (Colorado), Chicago, Eugene, Houston, Minneapolis, Phoenix, San Jose (California) and Washington, D.C.

The resources and recommendations included in the Responsible Event Framework offer meaningful and achievable ways for event stakeholders to align their values with other stakeholders and to link organizational goals with actual practices. This establishes an “event ecosystem” that brings stakeholders and organizers together to catalyze community growth, economic stability and environmental health.

Who Is This Framework For?

Whether your interest in responsible events lies within the categories of Host Cities & Municipalities, Convention & Visitors Bureaus, Educational Institutions, Sponsors & Private Partners, Owners & Organizers or a combination, the Responsible Event Framework provides a practical roadmap you can employ to help make responsible events a reality in your community on a continually growing and improving scale.