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Eligible employees will be enrolled in one of the following retirement programs administered by the Oregon Public Employees Retirement System (PERS):

  • Tier One or Tier Two PERS program  
  • Oregon Public Service Retirement Plan (OPSRP) 

Employees hired on or after Aug. 29, 2003 become part of OPSRP (after working for the City for a six-month waiting period), unless membership was previously established in PERS.

Contributions to the program are based on the employee’s salary. The City pays the "employer" contribution for all City employees. In addition, the City contributes the 6% of salary "employee" contribution for all employees except those represented by the IAFF bargaining unit. The 6% employee contribution is deposited into the Individual Account Program (IAP) for both PERS and OPSRP members. Effective 07/01/2020, Tier One, Tier Two, and OPSRP members will have a portion of the 6% employee contribution redirected to the Employee Pension Stability Account. See below for additional information in regards to the Member IAP Redirect Voluntary Contributions or access additional information on the PERS website.

Retirement Fund Options
PERS and OPSRP members will have the opportunity to make certain elections on the PERS website. 

  • IAP Target Date Fund Member Choice: Non-retired members can elect to change the Target Date Fund in which their IAP (Individual Account Program) balance is invested. Elections for the coming year must be made September 1-30 of each year through PERS Online Member Services. More information is available on PERS’ IAP Target-Date Funds webpage.
  • Member IAP Redirect Voluntary Contributions: Members earning more than $3,570 per month who have a percentage of their IAP contribution redirected to their new Employee Pension Stability Account may choose to make additional after-tax contributions to their IAP account via the PERS website.
  • City Deferred Comp: You can enroll or make additional contributions to your City Deferred Comp plan at any time! With this option your contributions can be either Pre-tax or Post-tax – the choice is yours! Election changes to your Deferred Comp Account can be made through your member account on the Voya website at