City Council Standing Committees

Standing committees are established by ordinance. In general, they make recommendations to the City Council on policy issues and advise City staff on specific operational matters. Standing committees include:

  • Budget Committee: Develops budget recommendations for council action and approves the City’s tax rate. This committee is established by state statute (ORS 294.336).

  • Sustainability Commission: Works to create a healthy community now and in the future by proposing measurable solutions to pressing environmental, social and economic concerns to the City of Eugene, its partners and its people.

  • Human Rights Commission and its subcommittees: Advise the City Council on issues of human rights, accessibility and community education and outreach.

  • Planning Commission:  Advises the council and serves as a quasi-judicial committee. This committee has the authority to make binding decisions which require or restrict the action of individuals. For example, the Planning Commission hears appeals of Hearings Official decisions.

  • Historic Review Board: A subcommittee of the Eugene Planning Commission; it oversees the main components of Eugene’s historic preservation program, and makes historic landmark designations.

  • Police Commission: Advises the council and Police Chief on matters of public safety.

  • Civilian Review Board: Established to increase the transparency of, and public confidence in, the police complaint process. The board evaluates the work of the independent Police Auditor and reviews completed complaint investigations involving sworn police employees.

  • Toxics Board: Makes policy governing the City of Eugene hazardous material reporting program; by Charter amendment it is authorized to enforce the reporting requirements and impose penalties.