Request Funding from the Sustainability Commission

Support for community events

The Eugene Sustainability Commission (ESC) may endorse events or projects and/or provide small grants to help support activities consistent with the Commission’s activities and purposes.

The commission’s authority to spend public money is subject to:

  1. Oregon law
  2. City Charter
  3. City budget constraints
  4. City Manager/delegate approval

The commission’s activities and purposes are to support:

  • Sustainability policies and practices that reflect community values, including but not limited to issues of housing, transportation, environmental justice, natural resource management, carbon emissions, and waste reduction.
  • Sustainable business practices
  • Green building design and infrastructure

Guidelines for community requests for support

Please read these guidelines before submitting your request.

How to request funding from the Eugene Sustainability Commission

  1. Complete and submit an online Request for Support Form 
  2. Applications should be received by staff no less than 45-days in advance of the event. Requests must arrive 10 days before the next ESC meeting (3rd Wednesdays). In extraordinary circumstances the ESC may consider an application closer to an event.
  3. Have a representative of the applicant attend the ESC meeting to answer questions. Applicants will be notified via email of the date when the ESC is expected to review a funding request.
  4. The ESC will consider the recommendation and vote to approve or deny the request for support. The Commission reserves the right to fund requests at a level lower than the requested amount.
  5. Staff will notify the applicant of the commission’s decision regarding funding or endorsement within 3 business days after the ESC meeting.
  6. If funding is approved, the applicant must provide a follow-up report to the ESC that includes information about the numbers of participants, ways the event succeeded, and how it could be improved in the future along with an accounting of how the funds were spent. This report must be submitted within 30-days of the event. Failure to provide this report may jeopardize future funding for the event or organization.