Amy Albrecht

Amy Albrecht September 21 2022 Oil on Canvas

Amy Albrecht

September '21, 2022

Oil on canvas, 36.75 x 26.25 x 1 in


On display at the Downtown Eugene Public Library

Artist Bio

I am an Art Educator living and working in Eugene, Oregon. Currently, I teach 3D art, ceramics and painting at Sheldon High School. Though I teach full time, I identify as a teaching artist and try to maintain a work-life balance that allows me to continue my personal art practice. This has not always been an easy task for me, but is a goal that I constantly work towards. Before starting my full-time work as a High School art teacher I worked as a teaching artist for Lane Arts Council. While working with this wonderful non-profit I had the opportunity to work with youth across Lane County. Most recently, in the summer of 2021 I worked with students in the Blue River community to paint a mural recognizing the devastation of the wildfires from 2020 while also building community healing through visual art collaboration in images of resilience and growth. Community and art are usually connected for me. Before moving to Eugene, I lived in Bend where I had a studio space and was connected to an artist co-op under the name Cinder Cone Clay Center. This space provided me with yet another wonderful opportunity to connect with the community, as well as sell paintings and small ceramic jewelry. In late 2016, I left the studio to focus on my graduate studies in Portland.  

Artist Statement

Amy Rose Albrecht is a painter and teaching artist living and working in Eugene, Oregon. Her work often depicts iconic Oregon and Pacific Northwest scenery. Amy, however, seeks to capture and create something more profound than that of a traditional landscape painting. As a painter, writer and educator, she is deeply interested in the human condition and specifically the hardwired need for connection and belonging. While an undergraduate at the University of Arizona, she explored themes of love, connection and loss through detailed anatomical oil paintings of human organs and bodies. Now she seeks to re-imagine these same inherent human drives by incorporating the natural world along with the human experience. In keeping with her underlying focus, Amy is now exploring the relationship between society and the environment using mixed media painting and drawing techniques, in addition to oil paints, as a platform to capture an individual experience. Though some of her paintings specifically place a mysterious figure out in nature, she also captures ephemeral moments of disaster, chaos and calm in her landscapes as she continues to portray a story of transition and transformation while searching for connection.

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