Interning for the City of Eugene 

The City of Eugene is a service-oriented and welcoming organization which aims to provide the best possible services to its residents. The six competencies: Trust & Confidence, Creative Work Environment, respectful & Inclusive Work environment, self-awareness and emotional intelligence, wellbeing, and now & later thinking, guide the services and programs the City offers. Departments within the City of Eugene offer internships to residents as an important tool to provide practical, on the job training with an emphasis on the six competencies.  Internships vary by department and many offer competitive salaries or stipends depending on funding. For more information on current opportunities and examples of past internships, see below.  

The City of Eugene works closely with the University of Oregon to develop internships. For more information about how the City partners with University of Oregon, visit Handshake – the University’s job and internship platform. 

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Current Internship Opportunities 

Therapeutic Recreation Internship 

The Library, Recreation, and Cultural Services adaptive recreation division is recruiting dedicated, inclusivity-minded students to assist in the day-to-day operations of adaptive recreation. Successful applicants will work with a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist and learn valuable skills that align closely with the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certificate’s standards for internships. Interns will also earn a competitive stipend. For more information and application details see here.  


Parks and Open Spaces Internships

The department of Public Works Parks and Open Spaces division is recruiting hard-work applicants for a wide variety of positions. Internships are tailored to the applicants interests and careers goals and will provide valuable instruction in outreach, gardening, event planning, native plant care, and many other skills. For more information, see here. 


Previous Internships Examples 

Note: These internships are no longer accepting applications and are presented only as examples.

  • Sustainability Program Intern: Supported special projects in the sustainability program such as creating a Climate Action Plan Dashboard and coordinated the Climate Action Plan Annual Report.  
  • Planning Intern: Assisted with the historic preservation program, urban design projects, urban growth boundary establishment, and numerous other projects. 
  • Transportation Planning Team Intern: Assisted with developing communications, supporting safety campaigns, and coordinating the launch of the e-scooter pilot program. Applicants learned valuable skills in data collection, communications development, and community outreach.
  • Program Support Intern: Helped facilitate with the Eugene Youth Advisory Council (YAC). The YAC is a 20–25 member group comprised of high school students from around the city who engage and advise on key issues.
  • Young Woman's Fire Camp: Hosted annually by the Eugene Springfield Fire Department, the Young Woman's Fire Camp is a free program designed to provide exciting opportunities for personal growth and exploration of careers in the Fire Service.