Urban Canvas 2021 Projects

Brandon Waite Traffic Box

Brandon Waite

Popsicle Peeps and Flowers

Dates painted: October 2021

Location: Southeast corner of the intersection of Coburg Road and Bailey Lane

About the art: Brandon was commissioned to paint the traffic box at the intersection of Coburg Road and Bailey Lane. This intersection is a well-used intersection and has a pre-school, middle school, and memory care facility all within sight of the box. Brandon created a design based on what he calls his popsicle peeps. This allowed Brandon to infuse the design with characters that are able to showcase various emotions, making it fun to look at and interact with. The design utilizes bright primary colors and solid black lines which make the box very legible. The artwork was also designed to be a seamless wrap around all four sides that would be one continuous scene.

About the artist: Brandon is a local illustrator and designer. He works as the Lead Designer for a local marketing agency as well as runs an independent illustration studio. His work is characterized by bright colors, energetic movement, and fun. Working from wherever the inspiration hits, you can find Brandon sketching out ideas almost anywhere. He works in a large variety of mediums including digital, acrylic paint, oil paint, and anything else he can get his hands on.

Faunwood (Miranda Zimmerman)

Halloween Pumpkins

Dates painted: October 2021

Location: Downtown Eugene

About: Local artists Travis Pendlebury, Mat Whiteley, and Faunwood (Miranda Zimmerman) decorated pumpkins to be placed around downtown Eugene just in time for Halloween.

Lisa Yu Traffic BoxLisa Yu

What Color is Your Stardust?   

Dates painted: May/June 2021           

Location: Beltline westbound off-ramp to River Road    

About the art: "My abstract painting is inspired by the colors and shapes used on a fence about 2 miles South on River Road at Park. I am a member of Eug-Art 404, made up of artists based in River Road and Santa Clara. A few years ago some friends painted colorful stripes and the message "Love is a Choice" on  404 member Catherine's fence. Soon after forming in 2018, a few members extended the mural to include fanciful flowers and shapes. I originally proposed the design for the (dull gray, often graffitied) box in front of Catherine's fence, but was happy to continue the theme down the road to where the City needed to replace a box. Though the love literally spelled out by the fence mural is abstracted and psychedelicized on my signal box, the theme is still expressed, but with a different voice, at the place where our neighborhood road connects to the freeway system."     

About the artist: Lisa Yu is a painter and assemblage artist originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan. She likes to use re-purposed materials.  Her art celebrates ordinary life, through subject matter, means of exhibition, and media. She thrives on collaboration and works to support social and environmental justice. Since moving to Eugene in 2009 from Chicago, she has taken part in public art projects utilizing various mediums: Upstream Art Springfield, the Umbrella Project, Eugene Storefront Art Project, RainPlay, BRIDGE Exhibitions: Reflections Space River Road/ Santa Clara, murals also facilitated by the City of Eugene, and a mural with children attending camps at Emerald Park.  lisayuart.wordpress.com

Marlis We Are OneMarlis

We Are One

Dates painted: May 2021

Location: Corner of Highway 99N and Bethel Drive

About the art: Growth comes through recognizing that human beings are intrinsically the same despite being a variety of colors. We are all one, united through the collective consciousness.

About the artist: Marlis has been a northwest artist for 20 years, and has worked as a painter, live painter, art boutique owner and most currently a tattoo artist at Anchored Ink. She has a BFA from Lewis and Clark.

Marlis Into the WoodsMarlis

Into the Woods

Dates painted: May 2021

Location: To be installed

About the art: Into the Woods is inspired by Oregon’s wilderness and the refuge it offers. Each day is a new day.

About the artist: Marlis has been a northwest artist for 20 years, and has worked as a painter, live painter, art boutique owner and most currently a tattoo artist at Anchored Ink. She has a BFA from Lewis and Clark.

Bayne Gardner of Calypso

2 Brown Trout

Dates painted: April 2021

Location: 27th Avenue & Willamette Street

About the art: All the boxes on Willamette St. are inspired by birds and fish you might find in and above the Willamette River.

About the artist: Bayne Gardner is a prolific muralist based in Eugene Oregon.  Inspired by the murals and graffiti of the 80’s and the street art of the early 2000’s, Bayne began perusing a full time art career in 2014. Since then he has painted numerous murals throughout Eugene and Springfield for clients like Nike, Willamalane Parks and Rec, The City of Eugene, Riverbend Hospital, Imagination International Inc, The City of Springfield, 4J School District, The University of Oregon, Caddis Fly and The 5th Street Market.  Bayne’s wide range of art styles, from abstract to photo realism and sometimes playful cartoon characters, enables him to adapt to almost any project.  He has also organized many community and student participation murals painted in local schools and parks.

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Dorothy Siemens

A Quiet Winter Night/A Quiet Spring Night

Dates displayed: December 14, 2020 - April 23 2021

Presented in partnership with Windowfront Exhibitions

Location: 833 Willamette Street

About the art: A small figure in a bright red coat walks in the quiet stillness of fresh snow at night. Around her magic is happening, just out of sight in the wintery darkness.  A Quiet Winter Night captures a sweet and fantastical moment, meant to invoke the excitement that comes with the winter holiday seasons.

 About the artist: Dorothy Siemens has found her life’s work in illustrating, drawing, painting, and bringing joy to people through her art. She discovered her style in warm texturized peripheral shapes composed of bold and bright colors and spirited but casual actors.  Using art as a tool to understand how we evolve from the collective experiences of our everyday lives, Dorothy aims to connect people with their communities.  They currently work as a freelance illustrator with a portfolio that includes murals, magazine ads and editorials, band posters, children’s books and everything in between. behance.net/dorothy_siemens

Windowfront Exhibitions Janene Block Dec 2020Janene Block

Winter Wonderland

Dates displayed: December 14, 2020 - February 15, 2021

Presented in Partnership with Windowfront Exhibitions

Location: 80 E. Broadway 

About the art: The vision behind Winter Wonderland was to bring a sense of hope and connection to the community during difficult times. The buck and doe are cautious and brave in the frozen landscape of the woods.  The red cardinal sits with patience and confidence that better days are ahead, signifying strength and wisdom.

About the artist: Janene Block, a Eugene local for 35 years, is a professional illustrator and painter whose work inspires a feeling of belonging and connection. She primarily works as a portrait artist, with a heart for creating memorials, but also enjoys painting landscapes and murals. She has designed and painted various mural projects for clients and public programs, including the City of Eugene, Upstart Crow Youth Theatre, and El Camino del Rio Elementary School.  In the past, she has taught art to all ages and abilities, with an emphasis on adaptive environments and student inclusion. janeneblock.com, facebook.com/janeneblockstudios and instagram.com/janeneblockstudios