13th Avenue Site (former Naval Reserve)

View from the street of the site located along 13th Avenue east of Chambers shows mostly open field

Opportunity for More Affordable HousingMap shows the location of the site between 13th and 14th Avenues east of Chambers St.

On January 24, 2022, the Eugene City Council approved the Housing Implementation Pipeline (HIP), a document outlining key goals and actions to increase housing stability and accessibility over the next five years in Eugene.

The HIP included goals related to making City-owned property on 13th Avenue east of Chambers, also known as the Naval Reserve site, available in the fall of 2022 for affordable housing development through the federal HOME request for proposal (RFP) process that happens annually each fall.

Appendix D of the HIP provides the potential timing and use for redevelopment of City-Owned Land for Housing.  The site on 13th near Chambers is the first site on the list.

Next Steps

Prior to making the site available through the RFP, there are several important steps that need to take place to prepare the site and to help ensure an equitable and successful process that meets the goals outlined in the HIP and other community plans. At this point, we know that the process will include:

  • Additional due diligence tasks that need to be completed to meet legal requirements.
  • Community and neighborhood outreach about the site and its redevelopment.
  • Sharing information about the site and its future availability for development with interested parties in the early summer so potential developers have time to determine their interest and availability prior to the fall RFP process.

Over the next several months, City staff will evaluate staffing resources and capacity and create a plan to move this work forward. That information will be shared as soon as it is available on this website.

The 13th Avenue site is an exciting opportunity to add much-needed affordable housing to our community and the City is committed to moving forward to make this housing a reality.