Report Concerns

Effective March 12, 2022, concurrent with the lifting of the governor's indoor mask mandate, the City is lifting its temporary stay-in-place order for urban camping. The City's long-standing rules regarding camping may be enforced. However, limited staff capacity necessitates the City prioritize response to unsanctioned camping based on the severity of health, safety and environmental impacts, impediment to right-of-way access, and interference with operation of schools, businesses and shelter sites.

Eugene City Code 4.815 prohibits camping in public right-of-ways, parks and other publicly owned property. The City recognizes this is a very challenging issue and works with local partners toward solutions that balance neighborhood livability, safety, health, and compassionate and humane responses to homelessness.  

If you are witnessing an emergency or a crime in progress, call 911.

  1. In Vehicles
  2. Along Streets/ Public Property
  3. In Parks
  4. On Private Property

In Vehicles

Reports of unsanctioned vehicle camping across the community are far greater than staff capacity to respond immediately. Enforcement is contingent on staff availability. City teams prioritize response based on the following factors:

  • Vehicle camps or associated materials that pose hazards or block access to sidewalks, paths, ramps, bike lanes or roadways.
  • Vehicles associated with Eugene Police Department verified reports of criminal behavior.
  • Vehicles in parking spaces restricted by signs, such as No Parking or Commercial Vehicle Only.
  • Vehicles with visible human waste, hazardous materials, or other unsafe or unsanitary conditions.
  • Vehicles engaged in camping within 50 feet of a school, playground or private residence.
  • Vehicles being repaired in the right of way.
  • Vehicles that are not operational or unable to be operated legally on the street.
  • Vehicles engaged in camping with more than six in a block (both sides of road).

How to Report

For fastest response, file online:  Report a Car Camping or Parking Problem or come into the Atrium Building during walk in hours. We are located at 99 W 10th Avenue and open to the public Monday through Friday between 12:00pm and 4:00pm.

City Response

City personnel will respond as soon as availability allows. They will assess vehicle locations and conditions, attempt to work with the vehicle owners if possible to mitigate and resolve the situation, and then if necessary apply relevant rule enforcement (which can have varying lengths of time as required by law) to resolve the violation, up to and including impound. Unfortunately, in most cases staff capacity does not allow a response back to reporting parties about action taken.

Allowable Camping Options

Recognizing the housing and homelessness crisis that our community and cities across the nation are facing, the City Council has approved specific provisions through City Code 4.816 for permitted overnight sleeping. These provisions provide more options for people who are experiencing homelessness to find safe and legal places to sleep. 

Options include: