Regional Agencies - Partnerships

Homelessness directly impacts the people experiencing it and the communities that are working to positively address the challenge. The City of Eugene and Lane County governments are working collectively to create systematic change and reduce homelessness through programmatic interventions and increased investment in shelter and housing.

In December 2018, Technical Assistance Collaborative (TAC) released its final shelter feasibility study and homeless services system analysis for Lane County. The City of Eugene and Lane County contracted with TAC to provide information about our system-wide needs and gaps, as well as recommendations to make our system more effective at providing pathways out of homelessness.  The City of Eugene and Lane County have been partnering to implement recommendations included in this report.

Roles of Regional Agencies

While solutions to homelessness require a collaborative effort, entities in the region have specific roles to play:

  • The Lane CountyHuman Services Commission and Poverty & Homelessness Board are the lead policy-making bodies for our local Continuum of Care programs and the integrated social safety net delivery system for all of Lane County. The Lane County Human Services Division oversees our community's Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) and manages and coordinates the majority of federal, state and local funding allocated to human service and housing programs for people in our area who are homeless or low income.
  • The City of Eugene contributes funding and policy leadership to the Human Services Commission and Poverty & Homelessness Board, and also supports a number of additional programs and initiatives to increase affordable housing and reduce homelessness and its impacts on the community. 
  • Public and private non-profit organizations, the faith community and community advocates provide the indispensable on-the-ground assistance and advocacy that people need in order to get back on their feet.
  • The State of Oregon and the federal government allocate funding toward specific housing and homelessness programs and services. 
  • As homelessness overlaps with other sectors of society such as medical and behavioral healthcare, housing, education, employment, and criminal justice, these types of agencies and organizations have a seat at the table and a role to play too.