Pre-Approved ADU Plans Library

Welcome to the City of Eugene's Pre-Approved Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Plans Library. The following plans are available for purchase from the architectural companies that created them, and have been reviewed  for compliance with the building code by the City of Eugene.

Steps to Building a Pre-Approved ADU

  1. Browse the gallery
    • Explore our growing library of pre-approved ADU plans . Review the images and details for each design to find one suitable for your needs and site.
  2. Select & purchase a design
    • Once you choose a plan, connect with its designer through the contact information on each plan's page. The designer can guide you through the permitting process, and describe other services they offer. Pre-approved ADU plans through the City of Eugene are $500 each, and can be purchased directly from the designer.
  3. Prepare a site plan
    • To complete permitting, you'll work with your designer to prepare a site plan showing the pre-approved structure on your site. This allows the City to review zoning, drainage, and other site-specific factors.
  4. Get a permit
    • Submit a building permit application to City of Eugene through eBuild. By using a pre-approved plan, you'll  save the cost of plan review fees because these plans are pre-approved.
  5. Pre-Approved ADU due diligence checklist
    • Do your due diligence and be well-informed about your property. 
  6. NOTE: In certain scenarios depending on specific site conditions such as steep slopes or certain soil types or if choosing a 2-story design or a design that features a tall structural wall, additional engineering calculations will need to be included in the final building permit submittal. Please work with the architect and a structural engineer on providing required structural calculations. 

The Joel by City of Eugene

This cozy dwelling is easy-to-construct due to its practical materials and traditional construction methodology. To download the free plans, click on the link and you'll be redirected to the plan set.

The Joel - A Pre-Approved ADU by City of Eugene

ADU Shed