2023 Small Business Bold Steps Winner Threadbare Print House 

Congratulations to Threadbare Print House, the 2023

Small Business Bold Steps Award Winner!

This year, a new small business Bold Steps Award was introduced to provide smaller Eugene businesses with the opportunity to be celebrated for their sustainable business activities.  Threadbare Print House was awarded the first small  business Bold Steps Award on January 4th at the annual State of the City event by Eugene Mayor, Lucy Vinis. 

Threadbare Print House is a locally owned commercial textile print shop that provides knowledge and guidance to customers around the varying levels of environmental impacts, sustainability, and ethics around t-shirt manufacturing to clients and customers. 

Award winners get to take a customized Bold Steps trophy back to their business to display for one year, among other marketing support.

For the City of Eugene, sustainability means considering and balancing all three aspects of the triple bottom line – people, planet and prosperity – to address the community’s present needs without compromising future generations. The Bold Steps award recognizes businesses that embody this vision and are taking bold steps in each area of the triple bottom line.

To qualify for consideration for the Bold Steps award, businesses must be based in Eugene, and certified through the Rethink program, offered through BRING Recycling. Through Rethink, businesses receive free, on-site consultation to reduce waste and save money.