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Art in the Parks 2024 

Congratulations to the recipients of Art in the Parks grants for 2024! 

Cultural Services and Parks & Open Space award up to $5,000 per project to support organizations or individuals producing their own events in Eugene’s city parks. Dozens of applicants were reviewed this year with consideration for their programming quality, capacity, long term impacts and equity, inclusion and diversity.

We are now excited to announce the 2024 Art in the Parks grant awardees. We look forward to enjoying the artistic and cultural events they will present in Eugene’s parks between May and October.

  • Eugene Pride
  • Oregon Asian Celebration, Asian American Council of Oregon
  • Black Cultural Festival, Black Cultural Initiative
  • Concert in the Park, Santa Clara Community Organization
  • Together We Are Enough, Radical Alternative Development
  • The Tempest, Free Shakespeare in the Park
  • Free Summer Concert and Outdoor Fun Series, Whiteaker Community Council
  • BEAM Showcase, ArtCity
  • Suddenly Sleepy Sleepwalk 5K, Suddenly Sleepy
  • Cultural Celebrations, Whiteaker Community Market
  • Into the Feywild, Pixie Panic
  • Art-4-All at the Park, New Zone Gallery
  • AXÉ Percussion Festival, Samba Ja
  • The Voices of Eugene

Art in the Parks Grant

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