Public Art Committee

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What We Do

The Public Art Committee is a standing advisory body to the City of Eugene on the City’s Public Art Program which includes but is not limited to review of proposed donations to the City, de-accession of public art in the City’s collection and acquisitions.

Program activities include:

  • Acquisition
  • Advising on matters of public and private development of arts spaces
  • Cataloguing and maintenance of Public Art works
  • Collaboration with non-City partners regarding Public Art
  • Communication with the public regarding Public Art
  • De-accession
  • Inventory
  • Maintenance of governing policies


Minutes are available after approval.

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Eugene Supports the Arts

The City of Eugene established its commitment to the visual arts through the Percent for Art Ordinance of 1981, which states that it is an appropriate function of government to foster arts and the development of artists. Visual arts contribute to and provide experiences which enrich and better our social and physical environment. The commissioning of art works in public places, in addition to furthering the policy of fostering art and developing artists, enriches public perception of government buildings, parks and other public spaces.

The City of Eugene’s Public Art collection can be seen in many places throughout the city. The Hult Center is the home of many treasures of public art. Art at the Hult includes a permanent collection on display, as well as work that is architecturally integrated throughout the building.