Youth, 0-5

Kids Dance Class at Petersen Barn

Youth Classes, Ages 0-5

Preschool enrichment classes are offered in arts, dance and drama, gymnastics, language, martial arts, and more. For a current listing of offerings browse our online recreation guide or register online

Swim Lessons 

Learning to swim at an early age gives children a benefit that will last a lifetime and will let them safely engage in other water activities throughout their lives. The City of Eugene preschool lesson program focuses on skill development through games and fun with a curriculum that works on advancing children through skill levels at their own pace. For more information visit our Swim Lesson page or register online.

Early Learning Programs

Child safety and parent peace of mind is the foundation of our staff training, which includes CPR / First Aid and curriculum and behavior management. With staff’s guidance, your child will discover the world around them through social interaction, learning and play. A 5% sibling discount may be given when two siblings are registered for Preschool during the same month. Discount can be applied when registering in person or on the phone. Some restrictions apply. All Early Learning registrations require a completed participant information form.

  1. Amazon Community Center
  2. Petersen Barn Community Center
  3. Sheldon Community Center
  4. Immunization Reports

Amazon Community Center

Preschool, ages 3-5

Focus is on individual early academic development through experiential learning with an emphasis on building social skills. Children engage in arts and science activities that build upon skills to increase dexterity and coordination while having fun. Through self-directed learning children explore, play and become independent learners.

Preschool hours:

2022-2023: 9 a.m. - noon, M-F or M-W or Th-F

2023-2024: 9 a.m. - noon, M-Th

Call 541-682-5373 for more information.

Youth Inclusion Services

Inclusion Services are available by discussing the request with the person taking your registration and/or requesting accommodations using a Youth Inclusion Services Request form. Once a request has been received, a Recreation staff member will contact you. Visit our Inclusion Services page for more information.