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Explore our mapping resource site to find maps and open data for services such as planning, parks and open space, economic development, and transportation. This page features interactive map applications, data for download or viewing, and information on geographic information systems (GIS).

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Zoning Map

All land in Eugene has been zoned to provide areas suitable for certain types of development, including residential, commercial, employment/industrial, public land, and mixed use. Use the interactive map or download a copy to determine the zoning of a specific property or area.

Zoning Map Link

Historic Sites Map

Eugene’s Historic Preservation Program increases public awareness of our history and character and facilitates preservation, restoration and rehabilitation of historic structures, landscape features, and other culturally significant physical objects and geographic areas. Cultural resource surveys document individual historic properties and help integrate historic preservation into community planning.

Historic Preservation

Land Supply Maps

The 2012-2032 Employment and Residential Land Supply maps adopted with the UGB graphically show ways we are accommodating our growth over the next 20 years. The maps and much more detail on the land supply, demand and capacity analysis are included in the Envision Eugene Employment Land Supply Study and Residential Land Supply Study, both appendices to the 2017 adopted Envision Eugene Comprehensive Plan.


Water Resource Conservation Maps

In 2005, the Eugene City Council adopted and applied the /WR Water Resources Conservation Overlay Zone measures to implement statewide planning Goal 5 inside Eugene’s city limits. The provisions went into effect on January 1, 2006. The purpose of the overlay zone is to protect significant riparian areas, wetlands, and other water-related wildlife habitat areas

Goal 5 Map Link

Adopted Plans & Studies

Browse through our library of adopted plans and other studies.

UD Consultations Environmental

Draft Neighborhood Planning Guidelines

The Neighborhood Planning Guidelines are intended to serve as a resource to residents interested in addressing local concerns and aspirations through a planning process and describe the framework for neighborhood planning in Eugene.

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