Education and Training

Green Building Education

The City partners with other organizations to provide educational events, trainings and demonstration projects on green building topics. Some of these are listed below.

Annual Green Homes Tour

The City partners with EWEB and BRING to put on a green homes tour each fall, intended to inspire us to rethink our use of resources, encourage the exchange of ideas, foster individual action and ultimately reduce our community’s collective carbon footprint. Join us on the tour to see new green homes and remodels first-hand, chat with homeowners and building professionals, attend workshops and get ideas for your next home or project.

Alton Baker Park Water Wise Landscape Demonstration Garden

Are you interested in the learning how to reduce water use and capture storm water in your garden without sacrificing beauty? Visit the Water Wise Landscape Demonstration Garden in Alton Baker Park to see water-saving plants, landscape design and rainwater catchment strategies for residential use. It’s located next to the community gardens and is available for viewing during regular park hours.

The Garden is the product of remarkable community collaboration between the City of Eugene, EWEB, Nearby Nature, Landcurrent, Schirmer Satre Group and other firms that donated goods and services.

For more information, contact Kathy Eva or call 541-682-2739.

Cascadia Green Building Council

The City partners with the Eugene Branch of the Cascadia Green Building Council to host monthly lunchtime presentations and tours and quarterly evening events on the latest green building topics.

The mission of the Eugene Branch is to generate momentum towards a sustainable built environment by facilitating education and connections and celebrating our community.

For more information email the Cascadia Green Building Council.

More Information

To learn about more building educational resources, visit the Resources page.