Bomb Squad

The EPD Bomb Squad

The Eugene Department’s Explosive Disposal Unit (EDU), is an ad hoc team of one Sergeant and six Officers representing the Eugene Police Department and Lane County Sheriff’s Department. It is one of four regional bomb squads in the State of Oregon. Our teams primary area of responsibility is the entire Lane County.

Each team member is assigned full-time duties in regular units from patrol to detectives, but are available on a 24 hour basis for any calls related to Explosives Devices/Substances. All members of the team, otherwise known as Hazardous Devices Technicians, undergo an extensive testing process to become a team member. Once selected, he/she receives extensive training on the safe handling of explosives and render safe procedures, including the completion of the Hazardous Devices School in Huntsville, Alabama followed by re-certification every three years. This training is paid for and funded by the FBI.

Bomb Squad in Action

Members of EDU respond to over 150 calls for service in any given year. These calls range from suspicious packages, live military ordnance to improvised explosives and commercial explosives. Additionally, EDU has assisted with calls for service involving barricaded subjects and hostage situations. EDU has a variety of tools that allow for the safety of both the officers and public by reducing the risk of exposure to a hazardous situation.

A vast majority of the team’s equipment has been obtained through Homeland Security Grants, including a Total Containment Vessel, bomb suits, x-rays and other explosive tools.

Discovery or information about a device or potential device and/or explosive substances, please call 911. For assistance and requests for training or demonstrations contact the unit’s supervisor, Sgt. Demian San Miguel via the Eugene Police Department’s Public Information Office at 541-682-5197.