Who is responsible under the regulations: the employer or the sales clerk?
The employer or license holder is held responsible for Eugene Code violations. In this way, the law is similar to other laws effecting public health and safety. For example, the retailer generally is responsible when an employee’s failure to follow health and sanitary codes results in a citation. Currently, Oregon State law does allow law enforcement officials to cite and fine offending clerks up to $500.

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1. What is the legal age for purchasing cigarettes or smokeless tobacco?
2. What are retailers required to do to ensure that customers are of legal age to purchase tobacco?
3. Can a retailer sell to a child whose parent sends the child into a store to buy tobacco products for the parent?
4. What should a salesclerk do when the clerk suspects that a customer’s ID is fake or has been altered?
5. Is a retailer responsible for preventing parents or other adults from purchasing tobacco products for minors?
6. What if the minor becomes angry when I, as a retailer, refuse to sell tobacco?
7. What is a compliance check and how will it work?
8. Who is responsible under the regulations: the employer or the sales clerk?
9. For a retail establishment that has failed the first compliance check, how much time will elapse between when the violation occurred and when a second compliance check will be completed?
10. Will the City/Health Department notify retailers who are found to be in compliance with the new ordinance?
11. Do the penalties escalate with continued violations?
12. What happens if a retailer fails to pay the fine levied by the city?
13. What can a manager do to assure that his/her employees uphold the Law?